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Paper Craft Tutorials


Paper Craft Tutorials
Find instructions to learn how to make small gift boxes of different shapes, scrapbook album, tags, atc’s, 3-D paper tulips, tea light houses, and lots more.

How to Make Paper Tulips for a Bouquet
Brighten up any window sill during the spring with this easy project for kids and adults alike. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

How to Create Colorful Abstract Art Canvas Pictures (NEW)
This is a beautiful and artistic way to make use of old magazines, catalogues or other glossy ads you receive.

Scrapbook Paper Mini-Album
All you need are sheets of thick scrapbook paper to create an album for any occasion. This album looks interesting because each page has 4 small sections to fill, which makes the album seem like more pages than it actually has.

Stitched Paper Bunny Plant Stick Tutorial
Upcycle boxes to create cute plant sticks that can be used to embellish your green plants or even as centerpieces on the Easter table.

Decoupage Stamps Paper Mache Box
Make old into new with the decoupage technique. It is so fun and easy.

How to Make Romantic Paper Tea Light Houses for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Weddings
These are pretty no matter which color you choose to make them. Therefore you can create them to suit any of your decorating needs.

Red Hearts Artist Trading Card Tutorial
ATC’s are very popular and fun to collect. This tutorial shows how to make one for the one your love.

Foil Decorations
Create transparent decorations for your window using this technique

Easy Bookmark Tutorial
This bookmark is easy to craft and makes a nice gift for bookworms.

Origami Easter Basket
These are so easy to make in just a few folds and using one sheet of paper.

Folded Gift Box Tutorial
This is a quick and inexpensive to create your own small gift boxes for just about any little gift. Select the appropriate paper for the occasion and then get started.

Bird Bookmarks
Recycle cereal boxes and a couple of other supplies into bookmarks that are pleasant to look at as well.

How to Make an Easter Bunny Paper Tea Light House
This is a cheery and easy decoration to make for your table at Easter dinner.

How to Make Origami Gift Boxes
Fold paper to create these practical boxes for small gifts

Paper Maché Tutorial
This tutorial will show you how to create 3-D wall decorations by just using cardboard boxes, newspaper and wallpaper glue.

Craft Tutorial for a Natural Tag
This tag is kept natural for those who like quiet and subtle colors.

How to Make a Paper Witch for Halloween
Shows step-by-step on how to assemble the paper pieces for this witch.

3-D Paper Figures
These figures are easy to make and stand on their own.

Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Holders
Craft these to use to fill with treats for your special Valentine.

Blue Travel Artist Trading Card
This is a quick and easy ATC to craft. Step-by-step instructions.

How to Make a Gift Bag
Use wrapping paper to create gift bags for those hard to wrap presents

Easy to Craft Happy Birthday Tag
Give your gift a special touch with this handcrafted tag.

Stitching on Cards
This stitching technique shows how to add a finishing touch to your projects

Paper Craft Techniques
Learn about what different techniques are called and what they mean.

Decorating Items Using Decopatch Papers and Decopatch Glue
Using Decopatch papers and Decopatch glue to embellish items is lots of fun. There is a great choice of designs and colors to choose from.



More Illustrated Craft Tutorials, Instructions and Techniques

Miscellaneous Craft Tutorials
Here you will find tutorials for techniques such as mosaic, wreath making, plaster of Paris, simple bow making, metal embossing and much more.

Paper Craft Tutorials
Find instructions to learn how to make small gift boxes of different shapes, scrapbook album, tags, atc’s, 3-D paper tulips, tea light houses, and lots more.

Card Making Tutorials
Here are many tutorials used for card making such as stamping, embossing, die cutting machines, punches, how to make embellishments of all sorts, setting eyelets and plenty more.

Christmas Craft Tutorials
Christmas is the season for creating decorations for the home and gifts for friends and family. Here you will find many illustrated tutorials to Christmas projects found on this website.

Textile and Sewing Craft Tutorials
If you like sewing, felting, knitting and crochet you will find lots of illustrated tutorials here explaining the techniques used to make textile crafts found on this website.

Kids Crafts Tutorials
Kids like to create and are so proud of their projects when finished. Find several kids craft tutorials here showing how to create different projects different materials.

Jewelry Craft Tutorials
It is fun making jewelry and here you will find a few illustrated tutorials showing you how to create necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Also you will find pages showing you basic jewelry making supplies commonly used to make these projects.

Wood Craft Tutorials
If you like working with wood then you will find helpful tutorials showing you basic techniques like how to create symmetrical templates, transerring patterns onto wood and then how to finish off your projects.






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