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Olive Green Card

In a craft shop you can find a wonderful selection of designer scrapbooking papers. By combining 2 or 3 that match, you can create wonderful and unique collage cards for all occasions. This is an example of a card using 3 papers and arranging them in a pleasing way onto a blank card.



Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Olive Green Collage Card

For this project you will need:

- olive green cardstock for the card and the tag
- scrapbooking papers with olive green
- brown, orange and red tones
- netting ribbon
- motif punchers with large flower and large heart
- Fiskars© 3-in-1 corner punch with spring flowers
- hole puncher
- brass colored eyelet
- brass embossing template with the alphabet
- embossing light box if available
- thin double sided sticky tape
- strong double sided sticky tape
- twine
- scissors
- stick glue


1. Cut a piece of olive cardstock to 21 cm x 14.5 cm and fold in half to make an A-6 size card. (European card size)
2. Cut 6 cm x 14.5 cm out of the first piece of scrapbook paper.
3. Cut 5 cm x 14.5 cm out of a second piece of scrapbook paper.
4. Cut a strip measuring 1 cm x 14.5 cm out of a third piece of scrapbook paper.
5. Glue the first piece and then the second onto the card. They will overlap.
6. Glue now the strip onto the card over the overlap.
7. Cut a piece of netting out approximately the size of 9 cm x 10 cm and use the thin sticky tape to stick it diagonal like onto the card.
8. Make a tag out of the olive green cardstock.
9. Make a second tag slightly smaller than the green one out of the 2nd paper color and glue it onto the first tag.
10. Make a “pocket” out of a piece of the third paper. This measures the width of the smaller inside tag and is about 1/3 of the height of the smaller tag.. Glue this piece onto the tag but leave the top open.
11. Cut a small piece of the first paper measuring 4 cm x 3 cm and punch each of the corners. Emboss “hi” in the center of this small piece and then insert it into the “pocket” made.
12. Punch 2 flowers and 1 heart out and use 3-D foam pieces to attach them to the card as seen in the picture.
13. Punch a hole in top of the tag and insert a piece of twine through the hole.
14. Stick the tag on the card with strong double sided sticky tape.

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Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Olive Green Collage Card



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