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Needle Felted Birds

The cheerful songs of birds are a pleasant way to wake up on a spring morning.



Needle Felted Spring Birds

For this project you will need:

- felting wool in the colors of the birds you wish to create
- cookie cutter in the shape of a bird
- assorted sized felting needles
- foam mat to protect working surface
- seed beads for the eyes
- thread and needle to stitch the beads on the birds or jewel glue to glue the beads on

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Needle Felting - Cookie Cutter Shapes Tutorial

Follow this Needle Felting Tutorial to create the birds. You can use examples of real bird pictures to get inspiration on how each bird should look and to create many other types of birds as well.

The eye of the black bird was created by first felting a little bit of yellow wool onto the bird and then attaching a black seed bead over the yellow to create the yellow ring around the eye which is a typical trait of a male blackbird.

Needle Felted Spring Birds 2
The first picture above of birds are examples of a male Eurasian Blackbird, a Chickadee and a Cardinal and were made using felting wool and a cookie cutter in the shape of a bird. You can also keep it simple and create tropical colored birds like the ones in the second picture above.




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Needle Felted Spring Birds





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