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Needle Felted Tropical Fish

All you need is a cookie cutter in the shape of a fish and felting wool in different colors to create these fish. Gems give their eyes an extra sparkle.



Needle Felted Fish Detail

For these fish you will need:

- felting wool in colors of choice (here we used shades of yellow, orange and red)
- needle felting needles
- cookie cutter in the shape of a fish
- faceted gems for the eyes
- jewelry glue
- thread for hanging


Follow this needle felting tutorial to create these fish. Use several colors within the cookie cutter and blend them together to make the fish multi-colored. No two fish will be the same which makes them interesting, especially if you make a set of them to hang as decoration.

Once the fish are finished, you can glue on the gems as eyes.

Tie on string for hanging.

This project is not recommended for kids. Extreme caution and concentration is suggested when needle felting, as it is too easy to jab a needle into your finger if you are not paying attention.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Needle Felting - Cookie Cutter Shapes Tutorial 75

Needle Felting Tutorial


Needle Felted Fish

Needle Felted Fish Detail 2
Close-up image of a fish.





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Needle Felted Fish Detail



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