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Crafts Using Natural Materials and Nature Crafts

Find here craft projects for all seasons of the year using different items found in nature such as seashells, flowers, plants, pine cones, nuts, hay, potpourri, moss, etc...

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Autumnal Natural Decor

Autumnal Natural Decor

Here metal flower pots are filled with natural autumnal beauties to add seasonalal charm to a wooden garden bench.

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Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments

Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments From Wooden Branch Slices

Even if you do not know how to draw at all, you can wood burn such lovely and natural looking ornaments within no time.

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Acorn Wreath

Acorn Wreath

An oak tree drops hundreds if not thousands of acorns each year and these are the perfect material to create this wreath.

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Winter Bird Food for Outdoors

Winter Food Cakes for the Birds

If you live where the winter temperatures stay below zero until spring, then you are aware how difficult it is for the birds to find enough to eat. You can help these feathered friends by creating them birdfood cups to hang out on the tree or bush branches.

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Straw Star

Straw Star Ornament

This is an easy craft for adults and school-aged kids alike.

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Wreath Making - Summer Wreath for the Door

Summer Wreath

Nature provides us with many wonderful materials to make a fresh wreath for the front door or for the table. Not only does such a wreath look great, but smells also fresh.

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Natural Door Wreath for the Holidays

Christmas Door Wreath

You can get more into the spirit of the season by making decorations yourself. When guest come, greet them at the the front door a this fresh smelling and naturally decorated wreath.

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Summer Nature Craft - Natural Wreath with Maritime Motifs

Natural Seashell Wreath

This craft is so easy and is a lovely reminder of a summer trip to the sea long after the vacation is over.

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Late Summer Craft - Autumn Craft - Lavender Wreath 200

Lavender Wreath

This is an example of what you can create using fresh and natural materials found outside in yards or gardens. Lavender blooms in the summer and has a sweet scent. The bloomed stems can be cut and used to easily make this wreath for your home.

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White Branches Display

White Branches Display or Centerpiece

While preparing the yard for winter, many shrubs and trees had to be cut back. One particular stack of branches just seemed too nice to get rid of so they got spray painted in white. These were then placed in a large vase and powder snow and silver ornaments were added. A quick and easy decoration to welcome the winter.

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