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Nature Crafts for Kids - Creative with Roses and Other Flowers

A rose is the queen of all flowers. Its beauty is beyond compare and the sweet smell of it is familiar to just about everyone. Here are two examples of creative ways to use roses. With the first project, we can smell the aroma long after the rose has wilted.



Crafts for Kids - Summer Crafts - Nature Crafts - Rose Bud

Supplies needed for Project 1:
- fresh rose petals
- a glass
- wooden stick or wooden spoon for stirring
- a kitchen sieve
- a funnel
- empty parfume bottles
- water

Supplies needed for Project 2:

- a glass
- colored ink
- flower of choice - a rose, a daisy or a carnation for example
- water

Instructions for Project 1:

1. Take fully bloomed roses and pick of the rose petals before they fall off and put these in a glass.
2. Fill the glass with a bit of water to cover the roses completely and take your wooden stick and stir and crush the roses as much as possible.
3. Pour now the the rose water through a kitchen sieve and a funnel into another glass or best... an empty perfume bottle. The aroma of the rose water is wonderful to smell!

Instructions for Project 2:

1. Fill a glass with water and add some colored ink to the water.
2. Place cut flowers into the glass of water and wait overnight (about 12 hours).
3. You will observe that the flowers have absorbed much of the water and at the same time, the color of the ink.

Recommended for ages 7 and up





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Crafts for Kids - Summer Crafts - Nature Crafts - Rose Bud



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