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Nature Craft - Lavender Wand 200

Lavender Scent Wand

Create these scent wands and keep these in your clothes closets and drawers.

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Orange Pomanders

Easy Orange Pomanders

These pomanders are not cured and will only hold for 1 or 2 weeks depending on the room temperature and humidity. Perfect if you just need a quick and easy scented decoration for your home and would like to give the kids a fun afternoon activity.

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Red Christmas Centerpiece

Miniature Wreath Christmas Centerpiece

This Christmas centerpiece craft project is completed within about 30 minutes. Especially if your need a quick and easy decoration, this project is ideal.

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Hay Decoration Tutorial

Hay Decorations Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make decorations using cardboard, hay, wire and a hot glue gun.

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Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Floral Decoration

Tree slices make decorative bases for natural Christmas decorations. Combined with a votive candle and evergreens, they can then be decorated according to your own style.

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Christmas Door Wreath with Copper Colored Decoration

Christmas Door Wreath in Copper Color

This wreath is not in the typical Christmas colors but looks warm and natural in the color of copper. This lovely addition to your door is decorated within an hour and ready to hang to welcome your holiday guests.

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Fall Berry Wreath

Fall Berry Wreath

Having a yard full of different bushes, shrubs, trees and flowers has its advantage. Almost for every season of the year, it offers an abundance of natural material to create a wide variety of decorations. A lovely wreath for the front door was the result.

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Pine Cone Ornaments 200

Pine Cone Ornaments

Every year our pine tree in the yard throws many hundreds of small cones down, so we collect some of them (not all of them so that the wild animals can have their share of them, too) and keep them in a large bucket and wait to come up with ideas how to use them. Here natural looking ornaments were made using them.

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Potpourri Christmas Wreath

Potpourri Christmas Wreath

With this lovely wreath, you can decoratively fill your rooms with the smells of cinnamon and apples at Christmas!

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Fall Wreath with Real Leaves

Door Wreath Using Natural Leaves

This wreath is made using oak leaves, but maple leaves in bright reds look also very lovely for this project.

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