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Moss Ball Christmas Ornament or Decoration

With just a foam ball, some ribbon, some potpourri pieces and many items that can be found outdoors in our yards or in the forest, you can make this decorative ornament. The look is natural yet elegant. Depending on what you use to decorate it, each ornament will be unique and not only do they look charming, but smell fresh as well.



Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Floral Craft - Moss Ball Ornament

For this project you will need:

- styrofoam ball (any size)
- sheet moss found in the yard or store bought
- natural materials such as small pine cones (you may choose to spray paint these gold)
- cinnamon sticks
- potpourri pieces in color of choice
- orange slices, apple slices, nuts, anise stars (can also be spray painted with gold)
- gold spray paint if desired
- hot glue gun
- thin decorative gold wire
- wide ribbon in color of choice
- thin ribbon for hanging
- small gold hook


1. Apply large sheets of moss to the styorfoam ball and wrap with the gold wire while wrapping to hold the moss in place. Continue doing this until the entire ball is covered and looks even.
2. Dip the end of the hook in hot glue and insert it into the ball so that just the loop is out. Take the gold ribbon and insert it through the loop and tie it off. Secure the knot with hot glue on the moss ball so it cannot be seen later.
3. If you like, bundle cinnamon sticks in groups of 2 or 3 together with the gold wire. Start gluing the cinnamon sticks and various pieces of natural materials onto the top of the ball. There is no set way to do it. Just see that you get an even look and color feeling and cover the complete top of the ball about 1/3 down.
4. Wrap again some gold wire around the ball to secure the pieces more and to give it a decorative look.
5. Make 2 ribbon bows and glue these to the top of the ball evenly on 2 sides. Let the ends hang loosely down to look like the ribbon is covering the ball.

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Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Floral Craft - Moss Ball Ornament




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