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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Mosaic Tutorial

You will need an object to cover such as a picture frame, box lid, glass, etc..., pieces of mosiac squares or broken pieces of porcellan, glass, pottery, stone, ceramic, paper maché, etc..., mosaic glue, grout powder, old sponge, pencil, ruler, old bowl, vinegar, old spoon and disposable plastic gloves. Please wear the gloves while working with the grout mixture.



Mosaic 1

1. Gather all of your materials before you continue.

Mosaic 13

2. If making a straight object, it is helpful if you measure and draw the appropriate lines leaving a small space between each stone for the grout mixture. Once you are finished, add a drop of glue to the first space to be covered and press the tile into the space. Continue and completely cover the object in the pattern you would like like this...

Mosaic 15

3. Mix your grout according to the instructions on the package until it is a smooth mixture. The consistency should be sort of like toothpaste as a tip.

Mosaic 16

4. Spoon the mixture over your object and spread it to completely cover.

Mosaic 17

5. Use a damp sponge to spread and smooth it within the grooves.

Mosaic 18

6. Allow the mixture dry about about 20 minutes. Using a damp sponge with water and a drop of vinegar, carefully wipe the tiles ...

Mosaic 20

7. ...until all of the thin grey grout mixture vanishes, leaving the tiles clean. Clean you sponge regularily with fresh water.

Mosaic 19

8. Let the item dry overnight so that the grout hardens.




Mosaic Heart Ornament
Mosaic Heart Ornament
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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