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Wooden Mouse Plaque

Decoupage is a fun technique to learn and a great craft for children 9 years and older. Using this technique, it is fun for kids to decorate wooden items or other objects to give as Christmas gifts. Depending on the paper napkins used, a different look can be achieved each time. Plain wooden items to decorate can be found in craft shops or other wood supplies store.



Christmas Craft - Wall Decoration with Mice

For this project you will need:

- wooden board of choice
- paper napkin of choice
- white acrylic paint
- decoupage or paper napkin applique glue
- snow paste (see recipe)
- clear glitter if desired
- paint brush
- hooks for the back of the board for hanging

Ages 8 and up


1. Basecoat the board white and let it completely dry..
2. Follow the basic instructions of the tutorial below to apply the paper napkin onto the board.
3. Once dry, apply the snow paste on sections where the effect of snow could be needed. If glitter is desired, shake a bit onto the still wet paste and let dry.

Craft Recipe for Snow! Make your own snow paste by mixing sand with white paint. Mix until the mixture is thick. Apply it with a small craft spatula and let it dry overnight.

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