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Scrapbook Paper Memory Game for Kids

The “12 Days of Christmas” sheet of scrapbook paper (picture below) inspired this project. Each of the 12 cheerful designs on the page seemed like a great motif to use for memory cards, instead of background paper for a scrapbook. Use two pages to make a set of 24 cards which you can then nicely pack into a gift bag to use as a stocking stuffer. This makes a great gift for younger kids who are just learning to play memory. The motifs are easily recognized and the numbers 1-12 can also be learned by playing these cards.



Scrapbook Paper Christmas Memory Game 5

For this project you will need:

- “12 Days of Christmas” paper (information about the paper used can be found below)
Scrapbook Paper Christmas Memory Game 3

- off-white cardstock - 24 rectangles each measuring 7 cm x 10 cm
- double sided adhesive
- craft knife and ruler
- gift bag
- 5 cm x 11 cm piece of Christmas scrapbook paper like in the image below
Scrapbook Paper Christams Memory Game 4

- 2 mini dark red brads
- stapler
- small hole puncher
- 12 cm x 6 cm piece of off white cardstock (for bag topper)

Christmas Memory Game - Scrapbook Paper Pack
Both sheets of scrapbook paper were within this pack of scrapbook paper from Dovecraft™ Christmas Traditional 36 Sheet Value Pack. The pack contains 3 sheets of 12 designs and is designed by 6 top British Designers.


1. Cut from 2 sheets of the “12 Days of Christmas” scrapbook paper all 12 motifs out from each sheet. Each motif is approximately 6.5cm  x 9.5 cm.
2. Use the double sided adhesive and adhere each of the motifs onto the middle of each 7 cm x 10 cm pieces of off-white cardstock.
3. Pack the cards now into a gift bag and seal close.
4. Fold the 6 cm x 12 cm piece of off-white cardstock and staple it to the bag. Staple it in a way so that the scrapbook which will afterwards be adhered on it will cover the staples.
5. Now cut out the scrapbook paper to the size of 5 cm x 11 cm and adhere it onto the middle of the off-white bag topper.
6. Punch a hole in each side of the bag topper and adhere a brad into each hole.




Scrapbook Paper Christmas Memory Game 1
These are the cards created with the paper.


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Scrapbook Paper Christmas Memory Game



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