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Colorful Autumn Leaves Birthday Card

The beautiful colors of the season are wonderfully shown on this card. The card front is without any text so that it can be used for whatever occasion you choose. Create several cards so that you always have a card on hand when you need it.



Autumn Leaves Birthday Card

For this project you will need:

- square off-white colored card measuring 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm
- off white, orange and dark yellow cardstock
- paper napkin or fabric with squares of autumn leaves (for this card the paper napkin shown below was used)
Autumn Leaves Paper Napkin
This paper napkin has 16 motifs on each quarter napkin. Each quarter is the same. You will need at least two quarters because you will need 4 motifs and each twice.

- double-sided adhesive sheet
- 3-D foam pads
- craft glue for paper
- scissors
- ruler

Instructions: The instructions are for just one card. You can create more cards simultaneously by simply adhering two entire napkin quarters onto the double-sided adhesive sheet(s) and cutting the motifs out as you need them.

1. First of all select 4 motifs from your paper napkin or fabric that you have chosen to use for this card. The squares on the paper napkin used here measured 4 cm each (about 1.6 inches). You will need each motif twice so you have 8 squares alltogether. If using a paper napkin, remove all but the top layer and discard the bottom layers.
2. Cut the double-sided adhesive sheet so that the 8 chosen squares will fit on it. Then remove the protective backing from the sheet and press each of the 8 squares onto the sheet. Cut each square out. Then remove the backing of the double-sided adhesive from the backside of the napkin and press the napkin motifs onto off-white colored cardstock. Now cut one each of the first 4 squares.
Autumn Leaves Birthday Card - Tutorial 1

3. Then from the remaining 4 squares, cut each leaf out individually.
Autumn Leaves Birthday Card - Tutorial 2

4. Glue each of the 4 squares onto orange cardstock and cut out with a very small border (about 2.5 mm or 1/8th inch).
5. Place 3-D foam pads on the backside of the individual leaves and adhere them onto the corresponding leaf on each of the 4 squares.
6. Cut a 10 cm square (or larger/smaller depending on the size of your squares) out of the dark yellow cardstock and adhere it centered to the card.
7. Then glue each of the 4 squares centered on the yellow cardstock and your card is finished.

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Autumn Leaves Birthday Card 3

Autumn Leaves Birthday Card 2
Autumn Leaves Birthday Card





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