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Leaf Window Suncatchers

Changing leaves falling from the trees during the autumn months inspired this craft for kids. Children can create their own colorful leaves out of paper and use them as decorations to brighten up any window in their home. The best part is that these leaves will not dry out.



Fall Craft for Kids - Paper Autumn Leaves Window Decorations

For this project you will need:

- color translucent paper in red, orange, yellow and brown
- black construction paper
- scissors
- glue
- clear contact paper

Ages 7 and older

Time required: about 1 hour

Craft Patterns:

Maple Leaf Pattern

Maple Leaf Template

Oak Leaf Pattern

Oak Leaf Template






1. Print out your pattern to a size you like or to fit your paper. Transfer the pattern to the black construction paper. You will need two sides for each leaf (one should be in reverse). First cut the insides out and then the outside shape.
2. Cut a piece of contact paper and stick it to one of the two leaves. Any contact paper hanging over the outside edge then gets cut away. You should now have a sticky middle section of your leaf.
3. Tear out randomly shaped pieces out of the different colors of translucent paper and then stick them onto the sticky side of the contact paper. Allow the colored papers to overlap each other, too. Continue until the entire sticky middle area is covered. Then glue the second leaf onto leaf to cover the side you were working on. Now both sides of the leaf look lovely.

The tutorial below shows you a different project using a similar technique as this one.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Foil Decorations Tutorial 75

Foil Decorations Tutorial





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Fall Craft for Kids - Paper Autumn Leaves Window Decorations





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