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Fall Leaves Wreath

Small Fall Leaves Wreath

This little wreath looks especially cute hanging in small windows. All you actually need to make it is a piece of cardboard and a handful of small artifical leaves that you can purchase in a craft store or other store selling seasonal products.

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Fall Craft - Plaster of Paris Leaves Decoration

Fall Plaster of Paris Leaves

Conserve the look of the fall with this craft project.

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Paper Craft for Fall - 3-D Paper Leaf

3-D Autumn Leaves Decoration

Mother Nature paints us a beautiful picture in the autumn. The colors of the season are brilliant reds, oranges, golds and browns on the trees. It lasts only a few weeks and eventually the leaves fall, leaving the trees bare until spring. You can capture the colors by making your own decoration.

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Easy Paper Bag Luminaries

Easy Paper Bag Luminaries

This is a really inexpensive, quick and easy way to create table decorations if you are having a fall celebration.

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Fall Leaves Napkin Rings

Fall Leaves Napkin Rings

A cardboard tube, for example from a paper towel roll is enough to make a whole set of napkin rings which look so pretty decking the table in fall and for Thanksgiving.

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Basic Craft for Fall - Autumn Leaves Window Cling

Window Cling Autumn Decoration

These brighten up the windows and have a stained glass look to them. To create your own leaf patterns, all you have to do is look in your yard or in a park. In the fall, there are so many leaves to choose from.

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Fall Greeting or Birthday Card - Autumn Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves

If you know someone with a birthday in the fall, then a card with colorful leaf motifs would be perfect for the season.

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Autumn Crafts for Kids - Easy Wreath

Autumn Leaf Door Wreath

This wreath is an easy version of the standard technique for adults and just requires gluing. It is more designed for older children to make once they are able to safely handle a glue gun.

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Fall Craft for Kids - Paper Autumn Leaves Window Decorations

Fall Leaves Suncatchers

Changing leaves falling from the trees during the autumn months inspired this craft for kids. Children can create their own colorful leaves out of paper and use them as decorations to brighten up any window in their home. The best part is that these leaves will not dry out.

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Bookmarker with Leaf Motifs

Bookmarker with Autumn Motifs

This bookmarker is ideal for the fall season and is easy to make using tissue leaf motifs.

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