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Knitting Project - Socks With Blue Stripes

With winter coming sooner than you think, it is time to start knitting socks for those cold evenings. Sock knitting is not as hard as it may seem. One may feel intimidated at the beginning because there are a few tricky steps to learn (especially the heel area) but once you have made a couple of pairs of socks, the technique will seem natural. This pair below was made using sock yarn. Sock yarn has the advantage that it is durable even when you walk on them and wash nicely in the machine as well. The wool can come in 4-ply, 6-ply and 8-ply. The 4-ply wool is the basic sock yarn and is good to wear throughout the year. Because it is thinner, you have to cast on more stitches than with the thicker sock yarns. The 6-ply wool is a wonderful wool for the winter months and the knitted socks still fit well into winter shoes or boots. The 8-ply is a great wool for home socks to keep your feet warm throughout the winter.

The socks were knitted with 4 needles. The cuff of these socks were knitted in a ribbing stitch (2 k, 2p). At the point of the heel, the front of the socks continued in this pattern and the heel and sole were then knitted using only knitting stitches.

To knit socks with the classic heel, like the pair below, you will find on the Lana Grossa website instructions to guide you through the process.

The Lana Grossa website has a chart in German and English for European shoe sizes here. (PDF)

The Coatscrafts website also has sock knitting intstructions and a chart in English for UK shoe sizes here. (PDF)

Knitting - Blue Stripe Socks 1

Knitting - Blue Stripe Socks 2

Knitting - Blue Stripe Socks 3




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