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Knitted Winter Snood or Cowl Using Leftover Yarn

If you knit a lot, you surely have some leftover yarn in your stash. It is never quite enough to start a new project but such a shame to throw away.



Winter Snood 1

For a similar snood, you will need: (Depending on what yarn you use and how long the yarn is, you will need more or less than the amount written below. The amounts shown below should be used as an approximation of how much yarn you may need for your snood.)

- 3 types of yarn of your choice - the yarns you use should be a medium weight or worsted weight yarn. Here the ombre yarn
  was used doubled and around 150 grams of it was needed
- about 75 grams of black yarn
- metric size 15mm circle needles

Winter Snood 6


Create a swatch using the “Moss Stitch” or “Seed Stitch” to determine how many stitches you need to cast on to achieve a 10 cm width. Once you have figured that out, then multiply the amount of stitches by 3. That will be the amount of stitches you need to cast on for your snood.

As an example for this particular snood, a swatch was created using the yarns indicated and size 15 mm needles. 10 stitches created a 10 centimeter width. When multiplied by 3, 30 stitches is the result. So 30 stitches is the amount needed to be cast on to create a 30 cm width.

After creating a swatch to determine how many stitches you need to cast on, cast on the amount of stitches you need to make a 30 cm width. Knit in the seed stitch or moss stitch in rows until you have a 72 centimeter length. Once you have that length, bind off your knitting. Then you will sew both short ends together to create a tube.

Another version of this snood can be seen here on (our website in German): Loop Stricken

Moss Stitch or Seed Stitch:

Row 1: *K1, P1, then repeat from * until the end of the row, turn
Row 2:   Knit or Purl the stitches exactly as you see them before you, turn
Row 3:   *P1, K1, then repeat from * until the end of row, turn
Row 4:   Knit or Purl the stitches exactly as you see them before you, turn

The snood is warm, soft and comfortable to wear. It is made so that you just need to slip it over your head without having to double wrap it. It is warm yet not too thick.

This project was made by knitting 3 yarns together simultaneously. For the snood in the image here, one type of yarn, which was a lovely ombre yarn was doubled and knitted together with a black yarn. When knitted together, a warm and beautiful snood was created within only a few hours. Metric size 15 needles were used which creates lovely large stitches so the project is finished faster.

This project is fun because you can clear up your yarn stash to make it. You can also use several different colors if you do not have enough of any particular color. If one color runs out and you have no more of it, consider adding another color that harmonizes with the rest of the colors. The best is if the weight of the yarns used are all similar so that the thickness of the snood remains constant.




Winter Snood 4
Little Teddy decided to keep the snood for himself and use it as a warm blanket for cold winter evenings.

Winter Snood 3

Winter Snood 2

Winter Snood 5
This is another example of a snood using leftover yarn. A rainbow colored yarn was combined with two skeins of black to create this snood which looks beautiful when combined with a black jacket.


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Winter Snood




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