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Upcycled Lid Heart Suncatcher

Some tubs of quark or yoghurt come with clear plastic lids. These can be upcycled to lets kids create this colorful hanging heart. If these type of lids are not available in your area, you can also use clear acrylic discs or a stiff acetate circle instead.



Valentine's Day Craft for Kids 1

For this project you will need:

- clear lid
- transparent paper in the colors of red and blue
- permanent black marker
- clear drying wet glue
- needle and thread
- red wooden beads (optional)

Craft Pattern:

Heart Template

Heart Template






Valentine's Day Craft Tutorial 1
1. Print out the heart to a size that will fit within the lid and let kids trace the heart with a permanent marker onto the lid.

Valentine's Day Craft Tutorial 2
2. Then tear little pieces of red and blue transparent paper.

Valentine's Day Craft Tutorial 3
3. Add glue to the inside of the heart and fill in the heart with the red paper, trying to stay inside the shape.

Valentine's Day Craft Tutorial 4
4. Then add glue to the area outside of the heart shape and fill with the blue paper.

Valentine's Day Craft Tutorial 5
5. Let the project dry. Once dry, poke a hole to the top center of the lid. Then double the thread, place the 2 open ends through the eye of the needle, pull through the hole of the lid and then go through the loop created by the the other end of the thread. Pull tight to secure it. Knot the open ends together and add beads if you like.

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids 2
Ages 7 and older




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Valentine's Day Craft for Kids





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