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Craft Tutorials for Kids


Kids Crafts Tutorials
Kids like to create and are so proud of their projects when finished. Find several kids craft tutorials here showing how to create different projects different materials.

Paper Lady Bug Tutorial
Kids will have fun making this lady bug. Makes a great group project.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Create Pictures With Melting Beads or Fuse Beads (NEW)
Melting bead or fuse bead crafts are a lot of fun for young and old alike. The projects do require some time and patience but it is meditating as well and great for the fine motor skills. When kids create these projects, it is recommended that parents or supervisors iron the figures for them to prevent any injuries.

How to Make a Patriotic Mosaic Star Glass Cling Decoration
This project requires a calm hand and good fine motor skills but is fun and unique for kids to make.

Making Easy Chenille Figures
Create a group of these to make cute Christmas scenes

Origami Butterfly Tutorial
This project is easy for younger children amd adds color to their rooms.

Paper Pumpkin Suncatcher Tutorial
Add fall colors to your window with this easy paper craft project

Butterfly Suncatcher Craft Tutorial
This butterfly will add color to your windows in the spring and summer. Kids will have fun making these.

Printing with leaves
Nature gives us natural templates to use for craft projects

Creating Fun Foam Stamps
Fun foam pieces can be used as stamps to decorate your paper crafts

Paper Hearts Plant Poke
Kids can craft this project as a Mother’s Day present

Child’s Wreath making
Even kids can create great floristic decorations for the autumn season

Paper Beads Bracelet Craft Tutorial
Girls will have fun creating these fashionable bracelets.

Origami Picture Frame
This is a quick and easy way to show off little artworks your kids have made

Jacob’s Ladder Paper Craft Tutorial
Fun folding technique using  long strips of paper. The result can be used to create arms and legs for balloon figures and other funny craft characters.

How to Create Small Stamps for Paper Crafts
Recycle bottle corks and combine with fun foam to make stamps for your craft projects

Stained Glass Paper Fish Window Decoration
This is a fun project for kids. Younger kids should only use child-safe scissors to cut the fish out. Older kids can use a craft knife under adult supervision.

Girls Paper Tote Bag
This bag is out of paper but really looks like it has been crocheted.

Paper Penguin Craft Project for Kids
A cut and glue craft project for younger kids to create.

Pinwheel Tutorial
Kids and adults alike can easily craft these paper pinwheels.



More Illustrated Craft Tutorials, Instructions and Techniques

Miscellaneous Craft Tutorials
Here you will find tutorials for techniques such as mosaic, wreath making, plaster of Paris, simple bow making, metal embossing and much more.

Paper Craft Tutorials
Find instructions to learn how to make small gift boxes of different shapes, scrapbook album, tags, atc’s, 3-D paper tulips, tea light houses, and lots more.

Card Making Tutorials
Here are many tutorials used for card making such as stamping, embossing, die cutting machines, punches, how to make embellishments of all sorts, setting eyelets and plenty more.

Christmas Craft Tutorials
Christmas is the season for creating decorations for the home and gifts for friends and family. Here you will find many illustrated tutorials to Christmas projects found on this website.

Textile and Sewing Craft Tutorials
If you like sewing, felting, knitting and crochet you will find lots of illustrated tutorials here explaining the techniques used to make textile crafts found on this website.

Kids Crafts Tutorials
Kids like to create and are so proud of their projects when finished. Find several kids craft tutorials here showing how to create different projects different materials.

Jewelry Craft Tutorials
It is fun making jewelry and here you will find a few illustrated tutorials showing you how to create necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Also you will find pages showing you basic jewelry making supplies commonly used to make these projects.

Wood Craft Tutorials
If you like working with wood then you will find helpful tutorials showing you basic techniques like how to create symmetrical templates, transerring patterns onto wood and then how to finish off your projects.






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