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Flower Vase Created by Wrapping Glass Bottle with Jute Yarn

This idea takes this Recycled Flower Vase Craft a step further and embellishes the bottle using decoupage glue and paper napkins. The result in this case is a pretty bottle in maritime style.



Recycling Craft and Paper Napkin Decoupage - Bottle Vase 1

For this project you will need:

- clean and empty glass bottle of choice
- good sticky double sided tape
- jute yarn in a light natural color - it is important that the color is light or you cannot see the napkin motif afterwards
- scissors
- paper napkin with maritime motif
- decoupage glue for paper napkins
- soft flat paint brush for applying glue


1. Cut long stripes of tape and adhere these down all sides of the bottle. Put extra tape along the bottom of the bottle as well as along the neck and the area where the neck gets wider to guarantee a good hold.
2. Start wrapping the jute yarn along the bottle and keep wrapping it tightly around the bottle until you reach the bottom.
3. When you have reached the bottom, cut the jute and press it firmly against the bottle. If you have a feeling that this last piece does not want to hold correctly, use a drop of strong glue to secure the end to the row above it.
4. To apply the paper napkin motif, first tear the motif out. A torn edge leaves a more natural look once the napkin is adhered to the bottle.
5. Now it is time to “paint” the napkin onto the bottle. B
rush a light amount of glue on the jute and press the motif onto it and flatten it in place. Use the paint brush and lightly apply more glue to the napkin, brushing it in place as you go along and also at the same time pressing the motif slightly into the grooves of the jute until the entire motif is covered with glue and the napkin is adhered to the bottle. Be very careful doing this because the more saturated the napkin becomes, the more easier it will tear.
6. Let the napkin dry for a couple of hours and the project is finished.

Recycling Craft and Paper Napkin Decoupage - Bottle Vase 2
Close-up of the bottle





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Flower Vase Created by Wrapping Glass Bottle with Jute Yarn and Embellishing with Decoupage

Flower Vase Created by Wrapping Glass Bottle with Jute Yarn

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Recycling Craft and Paper Napkin Decoupage - Bottle Vase





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