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Jar Flower Vases

When a jar becomes empty in the kitchen, whether it be a coffee jar or jelly jar, it always seems a shame to throw it away. Some of them even have nice shapes. A few are kept to hold small parts like screws and bolts and such. But one only has so many small parts that need organizing.

Often it seemed obvious to use them to hold flowers or decorations, but one thing always seemed to be a problem. The screw top rim. It always made it look obviously like a jar instead of a nice glass container. So the idea was to find something to cover up the rim and take away from that “jar look”. Thick felt on a roll was the remedy. It gives the jars a decorative touch to them and hides the problem zones.



Recycling Craft for Spring - Jar Flower Vases 1

For this project you will need:

- all sizes and shapes of of clean and empty jars (the more, the merrier)
- felt wool on a roll in the colors of olive green and off-white
- decorative rocks in the colors of green and off-white as well as small wood pieces in the color of off-white
- hot glue gun
- artificial flowers - we used the colors of white and yellow because these look like a field in the springtime

Rocks, Wool, Hot Glue Gun, Jar and Flowers


First hot glue the strand of woll to the top rim of the jar to hide the seam area. Do this by just adding a drop of glue, pressing the wool onto it and after about 3 centimeters or about an inch or so, adding the next drop of glue and pressing the wool into it. Keep doing this until the rim is covered. Depending on the size of the rim, this will be about 2-5 rows of wool.

Then fill the jar with decorative rocks in an opposite color. If you used white wool, use green rocks and vice versa.

Last but not least, add the flowers of choice

Recycling Craft for Spring - Jar Flower Vases 4

Recycling Craft for Spring - Jar Flower Vases 2
These look great when grouped together in a window sill. Even when the sun is not shining, the window looks fresh like a spring day.

Recycling Craft for Spring - Jar Flower Vases 5

Recycling Craft for Spring - Jar Flower Vases 6

Recycling Craft for Spring - Jar Flower Vases 3
White wood pieces also look interesting and are an alternative to the rocks.




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Jar Flower Vases

Recycling Craft for Spring - Jar Flower Vases





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