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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How To Make Patterns / How to Make Permanent Templates

You need patterns and templates mainly for sewing crafts, wood crafts and paper crafts. Creating permanent templates is easy and has a couple of advantages. First, if you wish to create the same project more than once you will save a lot of time because the template is already prepared. And second, if you are working with a group, the templates are durable and can be easily passed along to the next person. Permanent templates are especially useful when making crafts with children.



How to Make Patterns - This technique is great when you need to trace an image onto items such as wood.

Transferring Markings 2

1. Place the tracing paper over pattern or template to be copied and trace all the lines with a pencil.

Once traced, turn the paper over and place it on the wood or other surface. Retrace the lines once again. The pencil markings will transfer through to the underground.

Transferring Markings 3

2. Once traced, continue with craft according to instructions.



How to make permanent templates: Permanent templates can be re-used many times and are also great when working with groups and for kids to trace when they are crafting.

Supplies needed:
Tracing paper, pencil, stick glue and cardboard or cardstock.

How to create permanent templates 1

1. The first thing you need to do is print out your pattern from this site and transfer the markings on thin paper.

How to create permanent templates 2

2. Turn the paper over. You can still see the markings. Take stick glue and glue along the edges and also a couple of places within the template.

How to create permanent templates 3

3. Turn your paper over and stick it onto a sturdy piece of cardboard. You can recycle cereal boxes for this purpose. They are sturdy yet easy to cut through.

How to create permanent templates 4

4. Cut the pattern now out.

How to create permanent templates 5

5. Your template is finished. Lay it now on the cardstock or paper of choice and trace around the lines with a pencil.

How to create permanent templates 6

6. Cut your object out along the lines. It is now ready for your craft project.






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