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Christmas Tree Plant Stick

Create plant sticks to decorate your plants or like here, a glass cylinder filled with pine cones to add an extra festive touch to your window sill.



Decopatch Tree Christmas Plant Stick 1

For this project you will need:

- styrofoam or paper machè tree
- wooden skewer
- decopatch paper with green Christmas design
- decopatch glue
- green ribbon
- hot glue
- gems to decorate the tree
- jewel glue
- snowflake to decorate the top of the tree


1. Tear many small pieces of the decopatch paper. The pieces do not have to be perfect at all.
2. Stick or glue the tree onto the skewer to enable you to hold and keep your hands clean while working.
3. Apply glue to your tree and start adhering the paper to the glue. Always apply glue over the added paper as well. Continue adding more paper and glue until your tree is completely covered.
4. Let the tree dry. Once dry, create a ribbon bow and hot glue it to the tree. Glue on gems and a snowflake for extra sparkle.




Decopatch Tree Christmas Plant Stick 2
Close-up image of the tree


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