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Fabric Country Heart Wreath

This is not only lovely for Valentine’s Day, but can also be used for any time of the year.



Fabric Country Heart Wreath

For this project you will need:

- white styrofoam heart wreath - this one measured 18 cm high from the point to the highest point of the top arch, 20 cm wide
  at the widest point and a circumference of 8 cm or about 2.5 cm thick
- 150 cm long and 10 cm wide red and white gingham fabric (see below about the measurements)-
- 150 cm white lace - length is the same as the fabric length (see below about measurements)
- measuring tape
- sewing machine and red or white thread
- red satin ribbon for bow
- clear packing tape (see TIP below)
- craft knife


The length of fabric will depend on the size of the wreath you are using. First to determine the length of fabric needed, we measured the length of the wreath. Use the measuring tape and measure the distance around the wreath. The length of this wreath was about 80 cm. We added about 70 cm more material, so the fabric will ruffle some.

The width of the fabric was determined by the circumference of the wreath. This one had a circumference of about 8 cm so we added 2 cm extra seam allowance so that the tube we will be creating will fit snug over the wreath. You may want to add more if you wish your fabric to be looser.

TIP: Wrap packing tape around the entire top area of the wreath, especially around the arches. This has two advantages: a. The fabric tube slides easier over the tape. The arches can be quite tricky and tight once more fabric has been added to the wreath. b. The tape prevents the wreath from breaking through so easily.

Fabric Country Heart Wreath -  Tutorial 1
1. First iron and lay the fabric flat on the table surface. Place the lace edge along long side of the fabric edge as seen in this picture below.

Cut heart wreath
2. Cut through the bottom of the heart wreath carefully with the craft knife.

Fabric Country Heart Wreath -  Tutorial 2
3. Bring the other fabric edge over and pin in place so that the lace is sandwiched between both fabric layers.

Fabric Country Heart Wreath -  Tutorial 3
4. Sew along the edge with a small seam allowance and then turn the tube.

Fabric Country Heart Wreath -  Tutorial 4
5. Once turned, it looks like this. You may wish to iron it flat but that is not really necessary.

Fabric Country Heart Wreath -  Tutorial 5
6. Now slide the tub carefully over the wreath. Be extremely careful as the styrofoam wreath easily breaks through when you use force. Once the entire wreath is covered with fabric, adjust fabric so the ruffles are even. Wrap clear packing tape around the open bottom point of the wreath and then cover with the fabric ends. Turn edges in about 7 mm or 1/4 inch and hand stitch ends together.

Fabric Country Heart Wreath -  Detail 2

Fabric Country Heart Wreath -  Detail 1
The red and white gingham fabric give it a country look and the lace adds a touch of romance to the heart.




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