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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Paper Heart Plant Poke

This craft project is recommended for kids ages 7 and up. What a great idea to give mothers on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day! Parents or supervisors please assist when the child is using the glue gun.



Paper Heart Plant Poke Tutorial 1

1. Trace the template on a piece of cardstock. Cut this heart out with pinking shears or decorative edges scissors.

Paper Heart Plant Poke Tutorial 1b

2. Create a 2nd heart template that is slightly smaller than the first. Take a piece of decorated scrapbooking paper and turn it over. Trace the heart template on the paper and cut it out. Add glue to the backside and ...

Paper Heart Plant Poke Tutorial 2b

3. ... glue the scrapbook paper heart centered onto the first heart.

Paper Heart Plant Poke Tutorial 3

4. Create a small heart template and trace it then on a piece of matching contrast colored cardstock and cut the small heart out. Glue it then to the center of the scrapbook paper heart.

Paper Heart Plant Poke Tutorial 4

5. Place a matching colored button on the center heart and poke a hole through each of the button holes through the heart.

Paper Heart Plant Poke Tutorial 5

6. Sew the button on the heart and knot the thread on the backside.

Paper Heart Plant Poke Tutorial 6

7.On the backside of the heart, make a line with the hot glue gun and glue the shishkabob stick on the line. Wait for it dry.

8. Take some red and pink ribbon and some raffia and use them to create a bow that you will tie on the stick.




Paper Craft for Spring - Paper Heart Plant Stick
Paper Heart Plant Poke Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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