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Beaded Heart Dreamcatcher

This heart decoration is quickly made and makes a nice gift for a loved one for Valentine’s Day or anniversary. Hang it in the window. When the sun shines, the faceted beads reflect the sunrays and sparkle in the room. If you change the ribbon color to white, it can be used as a decoration for a wedding.



Craft Idea for Valentine's Day - Dreamcatcher Heart

For this project you will need:

- wire heart ring
- thin silver craft wire
- white, pink and red faceted glass beads
- red satin ribbon
- strong glue


1. Start by wrapping the ribbon around the ring. Use a dab of glue to secure the beginning piece of the ribbon. Wrap until the ring is completely covered. Use another dab of glue to secure the other end of the ribbon.
2. Cut a 2-3 meter/yard piece of wire and secure the beginning around the ring.
3. Place a bead on the wire, bring the wire to the other side of the heart and wrap wire around twice to keep it taut.
4. Add another bead and go to another end of the heart and wrap around twice again.
5. Continue in this manner (adding a bead and bringing wire to another end of the heart)until you have a few of the beads used up. In between you may wish to take your wire and go through an already wired bead in the ring. This has the advantage that the beads will stay in place when 2 wires are holding them.
6. Continue adding new beads and wrapping the wire around the heart until the wire is used up.
7. Cut a small piece of wire and form a loop and connect it to the top center of the heart.




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Craft Idea for Valentine's Day - Dreamcatcher Heart





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