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Paper Heart Decoration

This craft project is made within 30 minutes and is fun and easy for kids to do. Not only is this heart decoration great as a Valentineís Day gift for a mother or grandmother, but is just as nice as a Motherís Day gift.



Paper Heart Decoration 1

For this project you will need:

- red corrugated cardboard
- 5mm wide red satin ribbon
- 1 cm wide red and white checked ribbon
- 2 x 1cm red wooden beads
- wooden shishkabob stick
- craft glue
- paper clips for holding pieces together during drying time
- very thin wire for tying off the bows

Ages 8 and older

Craft Pattern:

Pattern - Valentine Hearts

Heart Templates






1. Select a heart template and print it out. Transfer the pattern twice onto corrugated cardboard and cut out.
2. Completely cover the backside of one heart with glue, lay the stick centered on this heart onto the glue and then place the backside of the second heart over the first, sandwiching the stick between the 2 hearts. Use paper clips to hold these together while drying. Print out and enlarge patterns as needed.
3. Create 2 simple bows with the ribbons. A child may need assistance from the parents holding the ribbon together while making the bow.
4. Cut a longer piece of the thin satin ribbon. Place now the thinner bow over the thicker one and use the piece of ribbon to now to tie the bows together. Let the ribbon ends hang.
5. Lay the glue hearts now flat onto the table and glue the ribbon bows onto the top center of the heart. Also use a paper clip to hold while drying. Let it dry around 5-10 minutes..
6. Slide a bead onto each of the ribbon ends and tie a knot at the bottom of each ribbon to secure the bead.
7. Cut two 2 x 30 cm strips of corrugated cardboard. Turn the first piece over so that the backside is up. Draw a line with the glue down the center length of the first piece. Start wrapping this now tightly and evenly around the other end of the shishkabob stick until the cardboard is used up. Now draw a line of glue around the second piece and repeat this step again. Hold the end of the second piece a couple of minutes until the glue is dry enough.

Paper Heart Decoration 3
Here the shishkabob stick was cut shorter.

Paper Heart Decoration 2
If you omit the bottom stand, the heart can also be used as a plant stick.




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