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Paper Heart Decoration

If you like to decorate all year long, then the time between Christmas and spring is the most difficult. Christmas is already over and it is too early to decorate for spring and Easter. If you are not quite sure what to do, this idea could be an answer for the month of February



Valentine's Day Craft - Transparent Heart Window Decoration

For this project you will need:

- red cardboard
- red construction paper
- paper puncher with small heart motif
- clear self-adhesive foil
- 3 small 4mm wooden beads
- red thread
- small hole punch
- scissors

Craft Pattern:

Pattern - Valentine Hearts

Heart Templates






Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Tutorial 2
1. Cut out 2 large hearts out of paper. Cut them both out simultaneously so that the hearts will be identical. Then cut a heart aperture out of the hearts so that you have a heart frame. Cut out two pieces of contact paper that are slightly larger than the hearts.

Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Tutorial 1
2. Then peel off the protective paper from the contact paper and place one heart on the one piece of contact paper and the second heart on the second piece of contact paper. Then cut each heart out along the outside edge. The middle area will be then sticky. Put one heart aside for the moment.

Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Tutorial 3
3. Punch out several small hearts.These little hearts will then be placed onto the sticky side of the contact paper of one heart. Once you are finished, place glue along the outside paper edge of the heart. Press the second heart exactly over the first heart so that the contact paper side of the second heart is facing down towards the little hearts. This will close the hearts from both sides and the contact paper will hold them in place.

Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Tutorial 4
4. Punch a hole in the top center of the heart and tie a piece of string through it to hang. If you wish, add a string with beads to the bottom of the heart to weigh it down a bit.

Valentine's Day Craft - Transparent Heart Window Decoration 2

Valentine's Day Craft - Transparent Heart Window Decoration 3
Since Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, this decoration would be appropriate for the couple of weeks before that special day.




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