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Felt Halloween Garland with Black Cat and Pumpkins

Die cuts are so fun to use not only for scrapbooking and cardmaking, but also for creating easy holiday decorations such as this garland or mobile. These die cuts are from Sizzix - “Sizzix Originals Die Cat and Moon” and “Sizzix Originals Die Pumpkins 2”. Modelling felt (very stiff) was used for this project and gives the die cuts a warm look to them. This Halloween decoration looks great hanging freely in the room or in a window. Make sure to embellish both sides of the die cuts.



Halloween Die Cut Cat and Pumpkin Garland

Supplies Needed:

- orange and black modelling felt
- long piece of orange satin ribbon, 2-3 mm wide
- 8 x 8mm orange wooden beads
- 4 x 6mm black wooden beads
- Sizzix Big Shot Machine
- Sizzix Originals Die Cat and Moon
- Sizzix Originals Die Pumpkins 2
- craft glue suitable for gluing felt


1. Cut about a meter (3 feet) of satin ribbon and make a knot at the bottom. Insert the other end of the ribbon into the first orange bead. Add a black bead and then another orange bead. Slide the beads down to the knot.l
2. Die cut 2 sets of pumpkins and 2 sets of eyes. This will create 4 pumpkins with eyes.
3. Glue the eyes onto the first two identical pumpkins making sure that both pumpkins are facing the same way, but that the eyes are glued on opposite sides of the pumpkins. Add glue the backside of one of the pumpkins and sandwich the ribbon between the two pumpkins.
4. Tie a ribbon bow above the just now completed pumpkin and then add again 3 beads.
5. Continue now with the cat. Die cut two and glue them together, sandwiching the ribbon between the two.
6. Add again a ribbon bow and 3 beads and then the last pumpkin. Repeat steps 3 and 4 again for the pumpkin.
7. Make a loop at the top of the ribbon for hanging and cut away excess ribbon when necessary.




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