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Halloween Paper Ornaments Set 1

Halloween Paper Ornaments Set 1

With a couple of embossed die cut shapes and fabric Halloween motifs, these paper ornaments are made within minutes.

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Halloween Greeting Card or Invitation - Pumpkins Invitation Card

Halloween Invitation with Pumpkins

Do you have a Halloween party coming up and no invitations for your guests? Instead of buying some, why not start a little earlier and make your own. Not only does it save money, but has such a personal touch that no store bought card can ever acquire.

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Halloween Craft - Clay Pot Craft - Halloween Witch

Clay Pot Witch

With just a terracotta clay pot and a few self-made accessories such as a hat and broom, you can create this cute little witch just in time for Halloween.

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Spooky Halloween Sign

Spooky Halloween Door Sign

You can change a plain paper maché or wooden sign into a spooky Halloween decoration within minutes.

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Wood Craft for Halloween - Wooden Cat Staring at the Moon

Black Cat

On a dark scary night you will find this feline in the pumpkin patch looking up at the moon!

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Halloween Card with Black Cat

Black Cat Halloween Card

This is a fun card to make due to the pretty glittery Halloween paper.

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Creepy Halloween ATC

Creepy Halloween Bats Artist Trading Card

Bats are often considered scary because of all of the vampire films. But these guys are more interested in capturing moths and other flying insects. Nevertheless, there is something creepy about them and therefore they make great Halloween motifs.

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Halloween Greeting Card or Invitation - Pumpkin, Bats and Hat Card

Spooky Halloween Card or Invitation

This spooky card is perfect as a Halloween invitation or just as a card to give for the occasion.

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Halloween Wreath

Spooky Halloween Wreath with Spiders

You can give arachnophobians a fright at your next Halloween party with this wreath. It is easy to make and looks especially spooky when placed on a black table cloth.

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Recycling Craft for Halloween - Spider Tea Light Votive

Spooky Spiders Tea Light Votive

Leftover material from window netting (to keep the flies out) plus a glass jar were recycled and used to make this inexpensive and spooky project for Halloween.

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