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Fall Paper Craft - Evil Pumpkin Paper Lantern

Evil Jack o Lantern Paper Lantern

This particular Halloween paper lantern has a mean expression and will add a spooky touch to your next Halloween party.

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Halloween Paper Craft - Paper Witch Decoration

Paper Witch Halloween Decoration

Add some spookiness to your windows at Halloween this year. The pattern can be increased or decreased in size according to your needs.

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Fall Craft - Recycling Craft - Glass Jar Pumpkin

Recycled Glass Jar Pumpkin - Paper Mach

Around Halloween time, kids can recycle old glass jars and create spooky Jack-o-Lanterns. These jars look great when a set of them with different faces and sizes is created and give your window or shelf a warm orange glow in the evening.

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Spiders ATC

Spooky Spiders Artist Trading Card

It is Halloween but these spooky spiders do not care. They are busy creating a complicated web to capture their next dinner.

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Spooky Halloween Jack o' Lantern_0194

Pumpkin Carving - Spooky Halloween Jack o Lantern and Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Not only will this Jack o Lantern look great on your front porch, but the reward of the pumpkin soup after carving it warms up any cool and damp October day.

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Paper Craft for Halloween - Halloween Cat, Pumpkin and Ghost Paper Figures

Halloween Paper Decorations

Decorate an interesting branch with paper cats, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns.

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Halloween Spiders Tea Light Holders

Spooky Halloween Tea Light Holders

Spooky up your next Halloween party with these tea light candles. They are created by rolling different lengths of corrugated cardboard around tea lights and then decorated with netting and spiders.

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Halloween Tag with Witch Hat Motif

Halloween Tag with Witch Hat

The witching hour has begun. This tag in holiday colors of orange and black is perfect for decorating your Halloween party invitations or gifts.

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Paper Craft for Halloween - 3-D Paper Tree, Pumpkin and Ghost

3-D Halloween Figures

These decorations are made out of cardstock and not only are they decorative, but stand on their own due to the way they are made.

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Wood Craft for Halloween - Wooden Jack o' Lantern Trio Shelf Decoration

Wooden Jack o Lantern Trio

This woodcraft project is more time consuming to make but well worth the effort.

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