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Flying Bat Halloween Card

What could be more spooky at Halloween than a room full of bats and spiders? This card is easy to make and is finished within no time.



Halloween Card with Bat

Supplies Needed:

- square white card 13.5 x 13.5 cm
- black cardstock
- black and green construction paper
- cardboard box such as cereal box
- 2 red jewels for eyes
- 8 black sequins plus 8 black seed beads
- black thread
- rubber stamp with “Happy Halloween” message
- black stamping ink
- white pencil
- stick glue
- 3-D foam tape
- thin black pen

Craft Pattern:

Halloween - Bat Template

Bat Template





Instructions: (see picture for placement of elements)

1. Tear a strip of black and green paper (the green paper should not be as wide as the black paper). Glue the green paper over the black paper and then glue both to card.
2. Cut a long length of black thread and wrap several times around the front of the card to create a sort of spider web.
3. Prick 8 holes randomly over the section where the string is and then stitch on a seed bead and sequin over the holes to represent spiders. Draw thin black lines to represent spider legs.
3. Print out the bat template. See below. Glue a small piece of black cardstock over a piece of cereal box and trace bat template onto this and cut out. Glue 2 red gems onto the bat’s face as eyes. Adhere the bat to the card using 3-D foam tape.
4. Tear a piece of green paper to fit the bottom section of the card which is still empty, Stamp “Happy Halloween” to the paper. Now take the stamp pad and rub the edges of the paper to make it black. Adhere the paper to the card using stick glue.

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