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Halloween Art - Paper Mosaic Jack o' Lantern

This is a project which will keep kids busy for a while. It is almost like putting a puzzle together and just as fun. No two Jack o’Lanterns will ever look alike either.



Halloween Art - Paper Mosaic Jack o' Lantern


For this craft you will need:

- black cardstock for the pumpkin
- cardstock or construction paper in at least 3 shades of orange and 2 shades of green
- stick glue or craft glue of choice
- scissors
- two yellow sequins for the eyes
- time and lots of patience

Ages 10 and older

Craft Pattern:

Pumpkin Template for Mosaic Art







1. First cut lots of little paper shapes in different shades of orange for the pumpkin and two different shades of green for the stem.

2. Then print out the pumpkin pattern so that it fills out the complete printer paper as much as possible Then you can paste the printed pattern on the back of a cereal box and cut it out to create a permanent template to trace around. This is a good option when there is a group of children creating this project. To trace, use white or yellow pencil so you can see the tracing lines on the black cardstock. Or you can also paste the printed out pattern directly onto the back of black cardstock and cut the shape out. Turn it over and you have the black pumpkin shape you need.

3. Now lightly draw  the eyes, nose and mouth with a regular pencil on the pumpkin face. The lines should be just enough so you can see them. These areas will be left black.

4. Start gluing the cut out orange shapes first around the eyes, nose and mouth and then the rest of the pumpkin. Always try to leave a thin line of space between the pieces of paper and also to the outside border of the pumpkin. No two papers should ever touch each other.




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Halloween Art - Paper Mosaic Jack o' Lantern

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