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Golden Christmas Wishes

It looks like King Midas helped out making this card! Every detail on this Christmas card is the color of gold. This elegant card is crafted within 15 minutes once you have your supplies gathered.



Christmas Card with Gold Colored Embellishments 1

For this project you will need:

- 1 blank square greeting card measuring 13.5 x 13.5 cm
- 1 piece of cardstock matching the card measuring 13x13 cm to adhere to the inside cover of the card as well as a small
  piece for your sentiment
- gold colored paper
- gold corrugated card
- gold peel-off sticker stars
- gold Christmas sentiment
- gold ribbon
- gold glitte
- wet glue
- double-sided tape
- 3-D double-sided tape
- embossing machine of choice
- embossing folder with dots or other background of choice
- ruler and scissors

Free Template:

Dimensional 5-Pointed Star

5-Pointed Star Template (ignore the inside lines as they are for another project)






1. Print out this star template in two different sizes. The larger star measures approximately 10 cm at the widest point. The smaller star measures 8 cm at the widest point. Then trace the two stars on the backside of corrugated card and cut out. Brush on wet glue on the smaller star and shake glitter all over the star. Tap off excess glitter and return it to the glitter jar. Set the star aside to dry in the meantime.
2. Cut a 5.5 cm x 13.5 gold paper rectangle and emboss it. Then adhere it to the left side of the card.
3. Cut a piece of ribbon that is slightly longer than your card. Adhere it with wet glue along the seam line of the gold paper. Tape the ends of the ribbon to the inside cover of the card. Cover with a second piece of card to hide the ribbon ends. 
4. Glue the smaller star onto the larger star and then use double-sided tape to adhere these then to the card. Use the image above as a placement guide.
5. Adhere your Christmas sentiment onto a piece of cardstock. Cut it out with a 5 mm border around it. Then adhere the sentiment onto gold paper and cut it out again with a 2.5 mm border all around it. Place a strip of 3-D tape on the backside of the sentiment and then adhere it to the card at the bottom right hand corner.
6. Then adhere gold sticker stars randomly onto the card to finish it off.

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Christmas Card with Gold Colored Embellishments 2
You can also make the same card using other colors if gold is not your style.


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