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Santa and Reindeer Window Cling

At Christmas time we like to get into the spirit of the season and decorate our homes. Adorn your windows with glass paint motifs. This Santa and reindeer motif will highlight any child’s bedroom window with its radiant colors. Glass paint is so easy to use and the brilliant colors remind us of stained glass church windows. There are many colors to choose from and the squeeze bottles make it easy to apply. From the inside looking out, the colors brighten up the room especially when the sun is shining. From the outside looking in the motifs get really noticed when a white shear or cutain is hanging.



Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Window Cling Father Christmas b

For this project you will need:

- glass paint colors in white, black, red, brown, flesh, green and silver
- glass paint outliner in black
- stable acetate sheet
- iridescent glitter
- pattern below


1. Print out the pattern and lay the acetate foil over it.
2. Trace the design onto the foil using the outliner paint.
3. Once the paint is dry, you can paint inside the lines with colors of choice. An option would to be to add glitter to the white areas for extra sparkle.
4. Once the colors dry (usually up to 24 hours), cut the motif out and adhere it with the painted side to the window.

Tip: Use the hard plastic sheet to ensure durability. You may also choose to use the special glass paint foils that you can peel your design off of.

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Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Window Cling Father Christmas




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