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Decoupage Fun with Wrapping Paper

Once you discover a roll of wrapping paper with a design you just adore, nothing in your home will be safe anymore. It is so easy to alter wood, metal, plastic and other items into decorative objects to match your decor. Also consider recycling and decorating items you would otherwise discard such as cans or other containers.



Set of Items Decorated with Wrapping Paper

For this project you will need:

- wrapping paper of choice
- boxes, recycled clean cans, containers, tea lights, glass nuggets
- just about anything out of wood, paper, plastic or metal
- decoupage glue from Plaid
- paint brush
- ribbon matching paper
- craft glue
- sponge brush (for applying decoupage glue)

Decoupage Glue from Plaid
This is the decoupage glue used for this project


Below you will find more examples of finished projects using this technique.
The instructions are basically the same for all projects. You will first cut your paper to fit the item you wish to decorate. Apply glue to the item using the sponge brush and adhere the paper slowly and accurately to the item. Make sure the end of the paper overlaps the beginning. While the glue is still wet, the paper may look wrinkled at first. You can wet your fingers with a little bit of glue and press your fingers over the paper gently to elimate the wrinkles. Once the item is wrapped and the glue somewhat dried, add a coat of glue over the paper to seal the item and to give it a matt finish.

Recycling Craft - Altered Box
This small box got a face lift and is now great for storing small items in your closet or to use as a gift box.

Tealight decorated with Wrapping Paper
Even tea light candles can be altered into decorative items for the coffee table.




Recycling Craft - Altered Can
This was a coffee can found in a dollar store. The design on the can was not attractive at all. Now it is fresh and summer looking. A matching green ribbon was wrapped around the lid of the can to hide the paper seam.

Recycling Craft - Altered Cookie Tin
This was a can of cookies. Once the cookies were all munched, the can could have landed in the garbage. But now it is a decorative container to hold whatever you need it for. A ribbon is glued to the side of the lid to hide the seam of the paper.

Refrigerator Magnets - Wrapping Paper
Glass nuggets are always easy to decorate. These can be used to decorate scrapbook pages or even as refrigerator magnets.





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Set of Items Decorated with Wrapping Paper



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