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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Folded Gift Box Tutorial

This is a quick and inexpensive to create your own small gift boxes for just about any little gift. Select the appropriate paper for the occasion and then get started.

Instructions are for one box.



Gift Box Supplies

These are some of the supplies your will be needing. For a complete list, click here to see larger images of finished boxes and all the materials you will need.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 1

1. Cut out 2 pieces of card. Make the second piece 2 mm shorter in length in the width and height. This will assure that the lid of the box will fit snugly over the box base.

For example this box lid was cut to the size of 15 x 10 cm. The box base was cut at 14.75 x 9.75 cm.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 2

2. Use your stylus, ruler and foam mat and crease down each side of the backside of the paper. This marks off the box side. The box side can be any height you want (here we used 1.5 cm) and all four sides must be the exact same height.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 3

3. This is now how the piece should look.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 4

4. You see a square at each corner. Turn your piece so that the long side is at the bottom. Cut up the 1.5 cm side of the corner left square until the horizontal line you creased. Now do the same to the right square.

On the opposite sides, do the same exact thing.

Now you have four 1.5 cm cuts. These create the gluing flaps.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 6

5. Use the bone folder and fold and crease up each of the sides.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 7

6. Fold over the little flaps you created earlier.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 8

7. Place glue on each of the 4 flaps.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 9

8. Stand these sides up and glue the flap  to the adjacent side.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 12

9. When done, it looks like this. Place the sides flat on the table and use your fingers to press them in place.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial 11

10. Until the sides are completely dry, you can use clothes-pins or paper clips to hold the sides in place.




Easy to Make Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes
Click here for a larger image/ images of this project and a material list to make this craft.




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