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Easter Bunny Gift Box

This bunny has a secret! Not only does he look cute and can sit on his own as an Easter decoration, but he is also a disguised gift box. His 2 halves can be taken apart and within him is a storage place for a small present for Easter.



Paper Craft for Easter - Brown Gift Box Easter Bunny

For this project you will need:

- 3 pieces (approximately 25 cm x  40 cm each) or one large piece of corrugated cardboard in light brown
- wide and sturdy 2-sided adhesive tape
- 2 part cardboard box (like an oval cardboard cheese box if possible)
- craft glue
- thin satin ribbon
- black construction paper
- white dimensional paint
- scissors

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Craft Pattern:

Rabbit sitting

Sitting Bunny Template






1. Print out the bunny pattern and make a template using a cardboard and following the instructions below.
2. Trace the template once onto the corrugated cardboard, turn the piece around so it is looking opposite and trace again on corrugated cardboard.
3. Cut both pieces out.
4. Measure the height of the lid of your cheese box and cut a strip of corrugated cardboard out that is this height and the length of the whole outer edge of the cheese box.
5. Place a long piece of 2-sided self adhesive foil tape on the backside of the strip. Remove the protective backing and stick the piece now onto the lid of the box.
6. Cut the excess end away of the strip if it is too long.
7. Glue first the other half of the box to the backside of one of the bunnies so that the flat side is laying on the bunny. Also line it up so that the long side of the box is along the bottom of the bunny.
8. Place the lid on the bottom half and mark the backside of the other bunny where the lid will be getting glued to. Both bunny halves should be matching and facing in the same direction.
9. Glue the lid on the bunny with the flat side against the bunny.
10. You can now put both bunnies together.
11. Tie a ribbon around the bunny’s neck. Cut out 2 small circles and glue them one for eyes. Use white dimensional paint and make a dot on each eye.




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Paper Craft for Easter - Brown Gift Box Easter Bunny





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