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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make a German Paper Star - “Froebel Stern” - Page 1

This star can also be made with metallic paper strips which adds an elegant touch to it. This tutorial is using 4 different colors of paper to make the steps easier to follow.



German Star Tutorial 1

1. Cut 4 strips of paper measuring all measuring 1 x 45 cm or 1.5 cm x 50 cm or 2.5 x 90 cm.

This particular width and length was 1.5 x 50 cm and will make stars measuring approximately 4x4 cm. Fold each strip in half longwise. Cut the ends to a point. That makes the weaving easier in the later steps.

German Star Tutorial 2

2. Insert each strip within the next in each direction. When correctly done they should pull together and hold each other in place.

German Star Tutorial 3

3. This is now how the star looks.

German Star Tutorial 4

4. Fold top left strip down.

German Star Tutorial 5

5. Fold the bottom left strip to the right.

German Star Tutorial 6

6. Fold the bottom right strip up.

German Star Tutorial 7

7. Fold the top right strip left. Insert the end point through the loop under the blue piece. This will lock the strips in place.

German Star Tutorial 8

8. This is how the piece should look now.



>>> Click Here to Continue Making This Star




Froebel Star - German Christmas Star
Froebel Star Craft Project
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German Star Wreath in White
German Star Wreath
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