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Christmas and Winter Decorations and Crafts - Ideas and Inspiration

Christmas time is crafting time! It is the most fun time of the year to craft because there are so many great reasons to! What better way to spend the holiday season than crafting new ornaments for your tree, creating stocking stuffers for the kids, crafting presents for friends and family and creating decorations for your home and window. Look here to find many fun and easy craft projects to make the season merrier. Many projects are also easy enough for kids.

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Christmas Table Decoration -Tealight Candle Glasses_0194

Potpourri Tealight Glass Table Decoration

If you have a lot of guests for Christmas dinner and not a lot of space on the dinner table for extravagant centerpieces, this idea is just perfect. This project is so quick and easy as a last minute idea and but also makes nice take along gifts as well.

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2018 New Year's Decoration

Sparkly 2018 New Year’s Eve Decoration
These numbers were created with a number cake pop silicone baking mold and a hot glue gun. After the glue hardens, you just need to add glue and glitter and voila... you have an instant glittery decoration for the table. Each year afterwards you can add a new number to the end for the new year.

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Vases

Upcycling Bottles Into Christmas Vases
Glass bottles can be easily turned into lovely Christmas vases within an hour. It is such an easy craft and they look and feel wonderful when finished. The vases in turn can be filled with white branches and embellished with small baubles to create simple decorations for the holiday.

European Blue Tit at the Coconut 200

Fill Coconut Halves With Homemade Winter Bird Food

This project lets you help our little feathered friends survive through the winter.

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Christmas and Winter Decoration in Brown and White

Brown Centerpieces With Frosted Branches

If you have tall cylinder vases, you can use these all year round to create seasonal centerpieces. This particular idea is created to decorate the table during the Christmas and winter months and is quick and easy to do with just a few supplies that you may already have around or that you can purchase at your craft store.

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Christmas Project - Paper Mache Gift Box

Fabric Yo-Yo Embellished Paper Mache Box

Plain paper mache boxes have such a quaint look to them. Embellishments from sewing crafts such as fabric, and felt and a button were used to decorate this box to preserve the natural look.

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Craft Idea for Christmas - Christmas Elves

Cute Christmas Elves

With just a bit of paint and felt and a couple of other small details, these cheery little elves can be complete within an hour.

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Cork Gingerbread House

Cork Gingerbread House

This house is made using cork sheets and looks almost real and you will have this decoration for years to come.

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Winter Bird Food for Outdoors

Winter Food Cups for the Birds

If you live where the winter temperatures stay below zero until spring, then you are aware how difficult it is for the birds to find enough to eat. You can help these feathered friends by creating them birdfood cups to hang out on the tree or bush branches.

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Hot Glue Glittery Christmas Embellishments

Hot Glue Glittery Christmas Embellishments

Aren’t these so cheery and cute? Christmas candy molds out of silicone are not only great for creating chocolate treats for the holidays, but are excellent to use with hot glue to make these adorable figures with. If the mold is heat resistant, then it can most likely be used for this project. These are fun and done in just a few minutes. they can be used to embellish gifts, to add to advent calendars, as stocking stuffers, for garlands, etc...

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More Christmas and Winter Decorations and Crafts - Ideas and Inspiration

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