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Crafts and Decorations for Summer and All Occasions

Use up your craft supplies and combine them with things you already have around the home or in the nature to create the different projects found in this section. If you go to the beach for the summer, collect seashells. This site offers a few different ideas what you can craft with them.

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Mixed Media Canvas Art - Paper Napkins - Embellishments 200

Mixed Media Canvas Art in a Maritime Style
The summer is a good time of the year to create a canvas with maritime motifs. If you craft a lot you may find a lot of items in your craft stash that are useful to create a project such as this one.

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Wreath Using Magazine Paper Roses

Wreath Embellished With Magazine Paper Roses
Before throwing away used magazines, you can use the pages to die cut roses to embellish a wreath.

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Maritime Tea Light Candle Glass 200

Maritime Tea Light Wine Glasses With Seashells

Collected seashells from the last beach vacation can be used as embellishments for this quick and easy table centerpiece for the summer.

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Recycling Craft Using Jars - Summer Flower Arrangement

Summer Flower Arrangement

Recycling jars from the kitchen is fun because you can use them all sorts of ways. Using them as vases is really easy.

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Maritime Tea Light Glasses by Day

Maritime Tea Light Glasses

These are just perfect for summer evenings at home or on the patio. The light is soft and atmospheric and the motifs remind you of a day at the  ocean. These were made with die cut motifs but if you do not have a die cutting machine, look for solid colored stickers with similar motifs.

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Recycling Cans for Craft Supplies

Organizing the Craft Room - Recycling Cans for Craft Supplies

Use pretty scrapbook paper to give cans with lids a face lift. Then print out labels to indicate what is inside each can. This is a inexpensive and easy way to keep the craft room looking tidy in a colorful and harmonious way.

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Maritime Craft - Seashell Balls

Seashell Balls

If you are someone who cannot resist collecting seashells when on summer holiday, then this project is a lovely way to use some of them and at the same time have decorative objects to bring the beach feeling into your home.

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Rainbow Picture

Rainbow Picture

A colorful and fun way to  diminish a stash of buttons, bits and bobs is to create a rainbow picture.

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Upcycling Craft - Colorful Can Pencil Holders 200

Colorful Washi Taped Cans

Clean empty cans can quickly be transformed into colorful holders for all of your art supplies.

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Recycling Craft - Glass Bottle Wrapped with Jute Yarn

Recycled Glass Bottle With Jute Yarn

This is such a lovely way to recycle glass bottles and at the same time have a natural looking decoration to hold a pretty summer flower fresh from the garden.

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More Crafts and Decorations for Summer and All Occasions

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