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Flowers brighten up the room and window any time of the year and also make great gifts that kids can make for occasions, such as Mother’s Day. Here you will find lots of ideas using all sorts of materials such as paper, felt and wood and for every age group.

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Paper Roses

How to Make Paper Roses

When you look at these roses from a distance, they almost look like the real thing and are so pretty. You can make them and use them for many things such as wreaths, as decorative balls, decorating gift wrap, as embellishments for a romantic table setting, as embellishments for place cards, etc...

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Paper Tulips

Paper Tulips Flower Bouquet

Nothing says spring more than colorful tulips. This project can be made by kids ages 9 and over (and adults, of course) who want to create a lovely decoration for the window sill during the spring season or even for Mom as a gift for Mothers Day.

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Paper Craft for Summer and All Occasions - Paper Daisy Plant Poke

Paper Daisies

Within a short time, you can make a simple daisy like this to decorate any green plant in your home. Another charming idea is to make a bouquet of these daisies. Fill a charming terracotta pot with sand and place the finished daisies in the pot. It makes a nice decoration for a shelf or a window sill.

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Paper Tube Daisy

Paper Tube Daisies

Crafting with paper towel rolls or tubes seems to be popular lately so we saved a few in the hopes of coming up with an idea of what to do with them. Sure enough an idea to create daisies came to mind. After a bit of painting and gluing a small bouquet was created to give a touch of spring to the window sill.

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Wine Cork Upcycling - Mini Flower Beds

Wine Cork Upcycling - Mini Spring Flower Beds
These are probably the tiniest flower beds you have ever seen and are so easily made using wine corks, paper and wire. They are a cute way to adding a touch of spring to the smalles places such as a desk at work or a small shelf needing a little color. the clovers would be, for example, a good decorating idea for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Spring Paper Craft - Color Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day

This is a beautiful and creative way for kids to give flowers and is also so fun to do. And the great thing is... these flowers will not wilt away after a couple of days!

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Wooden Tulips

Wooden Tulips Decoration

These flowers have the advantage that they will brighten up your window sill and never wilt.

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Spring Recycling Craft - Egg Carton Daffodils

Egg Cup Daffodils

Save those egg cartons! Look at the daffodils you can make with them. From the distance, these look almost real. A single daffodil looks nice in a glass, but a whole bouquet of them looks really impressive. Like a garden in the spring.

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Paper Tulips Window Decoration

Paper Tulips Window Decoration

These tulips look gorgeous even when the sun is not shining. The silk paper just seems to glow during the daylight.

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Paper Craft - Crepe Paper Flower

Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

These paper flowers out of crepe paper are very fast and easy to make and look unbelievablely real. An ideal craft also for those who like flowers but are maybe allergic to them. Imagine how beautiful a bouquet of these would look in a vase. One flower is finished within 15 minutes.

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