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Needle Felted Standing Chick

This cute little guy has no problem standing on his own with those big feet.



Needle Felted Easter Chick

For this project you will need:

- felting wool in the colors of yellow, orange and black
- 2 yellow and 3 dark yellow feathers
- 3 toothpicks
- assorted needle felting needles
- 1 x 3 cm styrofoam egg
- 1 x 5.5 cm styrofoam egg
- hot glue
- 2 x 15 cm pieces of yellow chenille


1. First you will need to needle felt the two styrofoam eggs so that you have then 2 yellow eggs. Then connect these together using on of the toothpicks. If necessary, you can add a drop of glue on the ends. Once you have the eggs together, take a small amount of wool and needle felt it to both the top and bottom egg to make a smooth transition.
2. Needle felt the eyes and beak onto the face using just a little wool.
3. Glue a dark yellow feather into the head of the chick.
4. Place a dark yellow feather over a yellow feather and glue to one side of the chick as a wing. Repeat for the other side.
5. To create the feet, follow the illustrations below:

Chenille Chick Foot Tutorial 1
1. Make 3 points for the toes one one side of the chenille.

Chenille Chick Foot Tutorial 2
2. Fold over the short side and wrap it around the longer side.

Chenille Chick Foot Tutorial 3
3. Squeese the points together into a bird’s foot shape and stand the remaining end up.

Chenille Chick Foot Tutorial 4
4. Wrap this remaining end around a toothpick. Secure with a drop of hot glue if necessary. Do the same with the other foot and then insert the two toothpick ends into the body and adjust so that the chick stands straight.




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