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Felt Pig Ornament

In some countries, a pig is the symbol of good luck. With just a few felt circles and a couple of ears, you can create this adorable pig within an hour.



Felt Pig

For this project you will need:

- pink, black and white felt
- 2 black sequins
- pink, black and white sewing thread
- pink satin ribbon for hanging
- batting
- pencil for tracing
- sewing needle
- scissors

Craft Pattern:

Pig Template

Felt Pig Template






1. Print out the felt pig template and transfer the markings onto the appropriate colored felt and cut out.
2. Blanket stitch the nose holes on the smaller felt circle (the pig snout). Now blanket stitch the pig snout near the bottom center of one of the large felt circles.
3. Blanket stitch both ears to the top of the same felt circle.
4. Blanket stitch the white felt eyes between the two ears. Sew a black sequin in the center of each eye.
5. Place the face felt circle now onto the second large felt circle. Blanket stitch around the edge. Before closing off, stuff lightly with batting and insert a pink ribbon loop to the top for hanging.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

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How to Blanket Stitch Tutorial





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