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Soft Padded Fabric Bag for Christmas

You just cannot have enough fabric bags. These are not only great for giving gifts, but are also useful for decorating and organizing.  Choose two complimentary colors of choice and follow the illustrated tutorial in the link below to sew this easy project. The finished size is approximately 14 x 18 cm. These are not only limited to the Christmas season nor to one particular size. By changing the colors, you can make these for every season of the year and the size of the fabric can be varied depending on your personal needs. The instructions and pattern to the cute Gingerbread Men Ornaments that are in the bag can be found on, the German language sister website of



Fabric Christmas Bag

For this project you will need:

- 2 fabrics of choice each measuring 24 x 48 centimeters
- 1 piece of batting also measuring 24 x 48 centimeters
- sewing machine
- ruler
- scissors
- trick marker (the kind in which the lines dissapear within a few hours or when dampend)
- needle and thread in a matching color
- iron

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Fabric Basket Sewing Tutorial

To make this bag, just follow the instructions in this Fabric Bag Tutorial.




Fabric Christmas Bag Detail
Side view of the bag

Fabric Christmas Bag 2
This bag was made in two types of red and white fabric for a more Christmas like peppermint look.


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Fabric Christmas Bag




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