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Snowy Winter Village Card

At the sewing or craft store, there are so many pretty fabrics with small motifs you can choose from to use for Christmas cards. This particular fabric contained many small houses and trees and looks so wintery with its blue and white color.



Fabric Christmas Card Winter Welcome 2
This card can be used as a Christmas card as well as a greeting card for someone with a winter birthday.

For this project you will need:

- white and blue cardstock
- white fiber paper
- fusible web
- iron
- baking paper
- stick glue
- double sided adhesive
- 3-D foam tape
- white dimensional paint

Snowy Village Fabric

- winter fabric panel with village


1. You will first need to applique the fabric to a piece of white cardstock. Follow the fusible web tutorial to learn about fusing fabric to cardstock. Then cut out the motif or motifs you wish to use for your card. Set aside for a moment.
2. Cover the top half of the card with blue cardstock. Then cover the blue half also with white fiber paper.
3. For the bottom half, cut a piece of white cardstock that is the same width of the card and a little more than the half of the height. Cut the top portion of this cardstock a little uneven as if it were a snowy hill and then glue it onto the card.
4. Adhere the motifs now to the card with either double sided adhesive or 3-D foam tape. Here the back motifs were adhered with the double sided adhesive and only the front motif with the 3-D foam tape to add more dimension to the card.
5. Now embellish the edges with white dimensional paint and set the card aside to dry.

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