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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make a No-Sew Scrap Fabric Bowl

Leftover colorful strips of left-over fabric are used to create these bowls. Each one bowl you make becomes a one of a kind creation.

The fabric will fray along the way. There is no avoiding this. You can trim the hanging threads at the end if you like.

Create the bowl to any size you like. Just increase or decrease the size the base and the height is also variable, depending on what you prefer.



Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 1

1. Cut your fabric into 2.5 cm or one inch wide strips. Now hot glue the first end of the fabric diagonally onto the rope. Trim the edge with scissors if necessary to keep the edge looking nice. Now wrap the fabric at an angle down the rope so that always overlaps a bit.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 2

2. When the first piece of fabric is at the end, hot glue it to the rope.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 3

3. To add the next fabric, simply hot glue the end over the previous end and then continue with wrapping.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 4

4. This is how it will look after the new fabric is added. Once wrapped, you will only notice the color change.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 5

5. Once you have acquired an appropriate length to work with, you can start forming the base of the bowl. Hot glue the end and start rolling the fabric covered rope into a spiral shape or like a snail. Continue adding a thin layer of hot glue along the way and always there where the next fabric will be touching it. For the base, this means you are adding the glue to the outside edge of the spiral.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 6

6. To keep the base as flat as possible, hold the spiral in place between your fingers while the hot glue cools down and press it flat against your working surface at the same time.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 7

7. Continue adding glue and wrapping more covered rope around the spiral. Make sure to constantly press the fabric onto to the glue at all points so that it holds well and no holes will be showing.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 8

8. At any point when your covered rope runs out, you can continue wrapping more fabric around the rope and then continue with creating the base.

When the base is of a size you like (this bowl base was 18.5 cm or 7 inches), you will now start forming the bowl wall.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 9

9. Mark your starting point, so you will know at a later point where to finish the bowl off.

In the image where you see the scissors pointing, you will continue adding glue along this point. You can see the line of glue now on top of the outermost row of the base, instead of on the side of it. You will continue adding glue now to the top of the last row. Now you are creating a wall for the bowl. Bring your covered rope now onto this glued area and continue adding glue pressing the fabric onto it.


Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 10

10. Continue adding glue to the top of the outermost edge until your first round of the wall is complete. After this point, decide whether you want the wall to be very straight up or more at an angle and add your glue and fabric rope accordingly on the top of the last row. Forming your wall at an angle will create a bowl form, whereas forming your wall straight up will create more of a cylindral shape.

This particular bowl has 9 rows and is 7 cm or approximately 2.5 inches in height.

Scrap Fabric Bowl Tutorial 11

11. When you wish to finish off the bowl, cut the end off to a flat angle and finish off where you have marked the starting point to be. Glue this end flat down to edge so it is not too obvious.




Scrap Fabric Bowl
Textile Craft Project - No-Sew Scrap Fabric Bowl
This bowl is so fun and quick to make and a great way to use up scraps of fabric left over from previous projects. You don’t need any sewing skills to make this bowl... just a hot glue gun, fabric and sisal rope. The finished bowl is very durable and is perfect for keeping what you see fit to place into it.

Summer No-Sew Fabric Bowl
No-Sew Fabric Bowls in Maritime Colors
Blue and white are the fresh colors of the sea and just seem to say summer all over. These bowls are so easy to make and can be used for all sorts of purposes. For example a small bowl can be made to place on a table by the door to hold keys, cell-phones, small change, etc... The larger bowl can be used to keep cosmetics tidy in the bathroom. The larger bowl requires approximately 2 hours time to complete and the smaller bowl about 1 hour, depending on how fast you work.




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