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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Sew a Beach Bag... or Shopping Tote - Part 4 - Finishing Off the Bag

This is the last of four pages that will show you how to make your own bag. Now you will be adding the top reinforcement, handles and closure to the bag.

A seam allowance of 7 millimeters is included in the measurements. Sew with a 7 millimeter seam allowance unless otherwise indicated.



Beach Bag Tutorial 26

Turn the bag to the wrong side, with the top of the bag up.

To reinforce the top of the bag, place the two 7 x 50 centimeter strips underneath the top of the bag, matching them up to the top edge perfectly.

These pieces are still wider than the bag itself and hang off from the left and right sides of the bag.

Beach Bag Tutorial 27

Then just like you did with the pocket, trace the bag edge onto the two pieces on both sides.

Beach Bag Tutorial 28

Cut on the lines and now they are the same exact shape as the top of the bag.

Beach Bag Tutorial 29

Sew the two short side seams together on the reinforcement pieces.

Mark a line 1 centimeter from the bottom (wider) edge of the piece.

Beach Bag Tutorial 30

Then iron this edge along the line.

Beach Bag Tutorial 31

Pin the reinforcement strip now to the bag, matching side seams and with right sides facing..

The ironed up edge is at the bottom of the reinforcement strip.

Beach Bag Tutorial 32

Fold the cord in half and place it between the reinforcement strip and the bag. The loop is facing downwards and the open ends are facing upwards.

Pin in place.

Beach Bag Tutorial 33

Then take of the nylon webbing pieces and also pin both sides in place on one side of the bag. The distance to the side of the bag is 5 centimeters on each side.

The loop is facing downwards and the open ends are facing upwards.

Beach Bag Tutorial 34

Do the same to the other nylon webbing on the other side of the bag as well.

Now all the pieces are pinned in place: the handles and loop closure on one side and the handles on the other side.

Beach Bag Tutorial 35

Sew completely along the top edge of the bag. Zig-zag the edge afterwards.

Beach Bag Tutorial 36

Now you can turn the reinforcement upwards.

The handles and the cord loop are facing downwards.

Beach Bag Tutorial 37

Turn the reinforcement then to the inside of the bag.

The handles and closure loop are now both facing upwards.

Beach Bag Tutorial 38

Press along the entire top edge to flatten the fabric and reinforcement.

Beach Bag Tutorial 39

You will now sew two lines:

The first will be along the top edge of the bag.

Beach Bag Tutorial 40

The second along the bottom edge of the reinforcement.

Beach Bag Tutorial 41

Measure the floor of your bag and create a bottom piece out of chipboard if you like. This will add strength to the bag. This particular one in this tutorial was not covered but you it can also be covered with fabric so it will look good inside the bag.

Beach Bag Tutorial 42

Place the chipboard in the bag at the bottom.

Beach Bag Tutorial 43

Sew on the button opposite from where the closure loop is coming out of the bag.



Enjoy your new bag or tote!





Colorful Beach Bag
Craft Project for the Summer - Sew a Fabric Beach Bag or Shopping Tote
You can never have enough bags. And the best is when you have one that no other person has. This particular one is very sturdy and durable and can be used for holiday on the beach or pool or as a shopping tote. The fabric used is from Ikea and is a heavy and strong fabric that can hold a lot of weight. The bag is complete in one afternoon. Using nylon webbing for the handles also saves time in the creation of the bag.




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