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 Elegant Coasters

These coasters were decorated using the paper napkin technique, but in a reverse way. The motif appears from underneath the coaster and cannot be damaged when you use the coaster for your drinks.



Elegant Glass Coasters 2

For this project you will need:

- clear acrylic discs
- paper napkins of choice
- paper napkin applique glue
- soft flat paint brush


1. Remove all but the top layer of the napkin. Keep the other 2 layers as you will need them, too. Select the motif that will be seen on the coaster. Paint underneath the coaster with the glue and carefully place the top side of the napkin onto the glue. (So the “good” side will appear from underneath the disc).
2. Smoothen out any wrinkles with your fingers and apply a second coat of glue onto the napkin. Let it dry thoroughly.
3. Because the napkin almost seems too transparent, apply glue again and now adhere one of the white layers onto the napkin. Smoothen out the wrinkles and then apply a second coat of glue onto this layer.
4. If you still feel it is too transparent, repeat step 3 again with the other white layer of napkin. Finish off with a coat of glue and let it dry thoroughly.

Elegant Glass Coasters
Detail view of the coasters





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