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Easter Nests

These table decorations for Easter are quickly put together and you can create a nest for each of your guests to embellish his or her place at the table.



Easter Table Decoration 1

For these decorations you will need:

- a tea light glass for each person you are making a nest for
- small green rocks
- light green artificial Easter grass
- a hen wrapped in foil matching your table decorations
- checked ribbon
- hot glue gun


1. First create a bow with the ribbon and grass for each glass you are decorating. Use the hot glue gun and glue a bow on each glass around the center height of the glass.
2. Now fill the glass up about a third with the green rocks.
3. Add a handfull of grass to fill the rest of the glass and enough so it hangs a little over the glass.
4. Now all you have to do is add a hen to each of the glasses and you are finished.

Easter Table Decoration 2

Easter Table Decoration 3
Now the guests can come for coffee at Easter. The decorations are small enough so that each of your guests can have one of his or her own.




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Easter Table Decoration





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