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Quilled Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

These pretty eggs are so easy to make and the whole family can get involved.



Quilled Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

For one egg (12 cm high) you will need:

- construction paper or scrapbook paper in a color of your choice (if your scrapbook paper has a white core, the ornaments will
  have a soft white looking surface, such as the eggs you see in the images here whereas construction paper will give you a
  more solid color effect)
- cardboard box such as a cereal box
- pencil to trace
- scissors
- quilter’s ruler
- cutting mat
- glue
- quilling tool
- thin ribbon for hanging and for creating a bow
- template below

Craft Template:

Easter Egg Shape

Easter Egg Shape






1. Print out your template so the height of the egg is about 12 centimeters. Glue a sheet of your paper onto both sides of the cardboard box side. Trace the shape onto the paper and then cut out. This will be the base.
2. Cut your strips so that they are 5 cm in width and 20-30 cm long for larger circles and 10-15 cm long for smaller circles. Quill the paper onto to the quilling tool and let the paper spiral out to a size of about 1 cm for larger circles and about half that size for the smaller circle. The width of the circles do not have to be perfectly the same. Glue the end to hold the quilled circle in place.
3. Now glue the circles onto the egg base until it is properly filled. You can either just glue one side for a flatter egg or both sides for a thick egg. Before you glue the top of the egg, cut a piece of ribbon for hanging. Glue the ends onto the base and then glue the circles over the ends so they cannot be seen.
4. When the egg is covered, add a ribbon bow to the egg to finish it off.

Quilled Easter Egg

Easter Egg Ornament

Quilled Easter Egg Ornaments
Each egg is unique.




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